Museum Passes

We are delighted to offer new additions to the popular museum pass program at Swarthmore Public Library!  We have 10 passes available.  Our Museum Pass program enables library patrons to visit several venues, offering educational, informational, recreational, and cultural opportunities for people of all ages as per the mission statement of the library.

List of Venues…

How can I borrow a library museum pass? 

Museum Passes are free to adults with a valid Delaware County Library Card.  You may pick up the pass at the Swarthmore Public Library.  Passes are on a first come, first served basis. A borrower’s household may only have one pass at a time.

How can I tell if a pass is available?

The passes are listed in the catalog.  Click the catalog link above, and type “museum pass” under title or keyword in the searchbox.  All passes will be listed and if it says “Check Shelf,” the pass is available.  Passes can be picked up at the Library.

Where can I return a museum pass?

Museum Passes must be returned ONLY to the library from which they are borrowed.  Please hand your plastic case directly to the desk worker.

How long can I keep a museum pass?

A museum pass may be checked out for three days, with no renewals.

What if I don’t return the pass on time?

A late fee of $1 per day will apply.  If the pass is lost, the fee will be the full cost of the pass.